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You might have noticed the big "POCKET FLUFF PRODUCTIONS" logo at the end of the latest KRAP News instead of the previous PorpleMontage Studios one. Basically, Porple's site has been going downhill lately and, as of just recently, he decided to start over or something. The reason I speak in vague terms is that I really haven't been paying attention to what's been going on there. Which is bad for someone who's supposed to be part of their community. Which is part of why I haven't bothered trying to get back on there; I never really got into their little "circle of friends" like I thought I would, so I really don't think I "belong" with that "crowd". Plus I "use" too many "quotation marks" when I "type."

And so, KRAP News is headed for a new home, somewhere on my main host. I guess. I'm not too enthusiastic about reposting the old episodes, which suck hard. Episodes 1 and 3 can probably be salvaged from the re-voiced and re-animated footage I did for the film fest (I mentioned this before, right?); not so sure what to do about 2, since it's kind of dumb to start with. Anyway. There's also the issue of whether now would be a good time to actually make a Pocket Fluff Productions main site. I've had the domain for over a year now; I'm just really lazy. (As if the ... *checks* ... seven month gap since the last episode wasn't enough proof of that.)

In the meantime, this IS the official Pocket Fluff Productions site, as far as animated stuff goes. Which is better than the alternative - having it be my YouTube account. :^P

A microphone! F*** yeah!

2008-08-28 16:36:53 by teh-octan

Attention Newgrounders. Newgroundsites. New-bies. Whatever. I have now acquired my own microphone once again. It's a Harmonix Rock Band USB mic and it is freakin' sweet. So expect KRAP material and possibly other stuff to continue at a more or less regular pace. Assuming my standards haven't gotten so high that I throw out most of my material.

So last week our school had their annual Open Frame Film Festival. This year I had decided to do something for it, since I've been here four years now and haven't done jack on any real films. So I took clips from episodes 1 and 3 of "KRAP News," rerecorded all the voices and reanimated everything, and added in episode 5 in its entirety (minus an Easter egg that's gotten a bit delayed), and submitted it as a 6½-minute Ubersode.

I didn't win anything. But I got to actually see, and hear, a large audience react to my cartoons for the first time-a 200-person Laugh-O-Meter, if you will. I think it helped that there was so much going on in one cartoon, too. So I'm now planning to release this version some time after episode 5 comes out.

In other news, I really regret not having found the time to work on the music videos I've been planning. Frame-by-frame is something that takes a ton of practice, and I've been pretty busy with school and junk. Whether time will become less of an issue or more once I graduate in May... well that remains to be seen. I will be losing access to the Mac I use to record dialogue, though, so sound quality may change. Just as well my next big projects are music videos, eh? ;)